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11-13-07 East Texas VMA - Things We Don't Do That We Should; Things We Do That We Shouldn't
PowerPoint Board Position on Vaccines
AAFP 2006 Vaccination Guidelines
AAHA 2006 Vaccination Guidelines
Nutritional Content Canned Feline Diets
7-11-07 East Texas VMA - Nutraceuticals
PowerPoint Evaluating Quality of Nutraceuticals
Fish Oil
Client Handout - Joint Supplements
Client Handout - Milk Thistle
Client Handout - SAMe

            Gastroenterology Feb 6-7 2016
Practical Endrocrinology April 2016
Practical Sonography August 2016Practical Sonography October 2016
Practical Cardiology August 2016
Practical Hematology December 2016
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