Oncology is the founding subject in Dr. Blount's "Practical" Seminar Series. Rightfully so, it has developed to one of her most well-known and requested seminars. Attendees receive practical answers to help clients and patients fight the #1 Disease Related Killer of dogs and cats.

As Veterinarians we often wish we had more to offer our patients concerning cancer, especially when their owners, for whatever reason, are not able to take advantage of available referral services. Patients and clients look to us for the best answers to their questions and the finest care we can provide.

Come join us in Lufkin, TX July 22 & 23, 2017 for a weekend of "Practical Oncology." As with all of the "Practical" Seminar subjects, you'll gather a wealth of information you can put to use immediately in your clinic, plus satisfy your total requirement of 17 CE Hours for 2017.

We'll cover the most important Oncology topics including the following:

  • cancers most commonly seen in small animal practice
  • diagnosis and treatment in the trenches
  • what we hope to gain for our patients and their owners by referring to a specialist
  • the many "how to" applications of chemotherapy
  • adjustments to the chemo plan, when things do not go as planned
  • rescue therapy
Dr. Blount's "Practical" Seminars score high with Attendees:

After seminars, attendees are asked to anonymously answer survey questions by a score of 1-10. Below are a few of these and their over 3 year Averaged Scores plus Attendee Reviews:

Was the seminar information presented in a clear and easy to understand manner? 9.6/10
Would you recommend this seminar to other colleagues? 9.7/10
How would you rate the increase of your subject knowledge due to this seminar? 9.1/10
Did this seminar provide "practical" information you can really put to use? 9.4/10

Comments from attendees of this seminar:
  • That was a great weekend, well constructed topics. I learned a lot from both speakers! Nice to get out of my usual CE habits and see another venue! Dana Crigger, DVM - Allen, TX

  • Great seminar! Thanks Wendy! And Thanks Teleah for an easy-to-understand (and practical) introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine! Lynn Fondon, DVM - Dallas, TX

  • Thank you Wendy for an incredibly informative seminar this weekend. I admire how practically you practice good veterinary medicine... and I envy how many functioning brain cells you must have to be able to have that much knowledge... Teleah Grand, DVM - McKinney, TX

Your Registration Fee includes a Flash Drive Proceedings which will contain:

  • copies of all PowerPoint slides
  • copies of client handouts on endocrine diseases and the drugs used to treat them
  • handy reference charts for diagnosing and treating hyperadrenocorticism, hypercalcemia, etc.
  • access to download the proceedings in .pdf format after the seminar
  • plus a continental breakfast and hot lunch provided each day at no charge

    (Please Note: All Attendees will receive their Proceedings in a Flash Drive format. "Early Bird" and "Standard" Registrations may choose to have an additional Flash Drive Proceedings for an additional $25.00. The"Early Bird" and "Standard" Registrations may also choose to have a Proceedings in a printed book format for an additional $75.00. Additional Flash Drives and the printed book option are not available to "Onsite Registrations".)


Questions??? Contact Russ at the von Allmen Agency
phone: (936) 564-7792 - e-mail: russ@vonallmen.net

Seminar approved by ETVMA
James M. Morton, DVM - President
17 Hour Units for Veterinary CE in Texas

(Note: Other states may be added on request
with sufficient notice)

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