You're invited to attend one of the newest additions to Dr. Blount's "Practical Seminars" Series. This 17 CE Hour seminar features practical principles of Hematology, from basic to advanced, that you can put to use in your clinic starting immediately.

This "Practical Hematology" seminar is composed of interactive lectures and short dry labs, which will explore exactly how to play a vital role in the successful diagnosis and treatment of problems in Hematology. This seminar will cover the following specifics and more:

  • Unraveling Anemia starting with a manual reticulocyte count, which can be easily done in your practice if you don't have access to same day lab results. Automated counts are rarely reliable.

  • Bone Marrow collection (video and slide show demo) and slide preparation (dry lab) techniques. If you can place an IM pin, you can get bone marrow. It is much easier than you think... the secret is in preparing the slides.

  • IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) and ITP (Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia). How to increase the treatment success and long term survival of these patients. Did you know that most IMHA patients present for GI upset, often prior to developing anemia?

  • Unexplained Bleeding, Bruising, or Petechiae. How to work up and treat these patients. Included is a handy dandy diagnostic chart for interpreting coag tests and bleeding times.

  • Splenomegaly How to work up and treat these patients and recognize it's not always hemangiosarcoma. When is aspirating the spleen safe, and when is it risky?

  • Blood Typing (Dry Lab). Bring blood samples (EDTA blood) from your canine and feline blood donors to have them blood typed . Do you know which blood types are acceptable for donor cats and dogs?

  • Affordable Plasma. Learn to harvest your own plasma in your clinic, to have it ready for treatment of parvovirus, pancreatitis, etc.

  • Transfusion Medicine in dogs and cats. Learn how much, how often, and how fast?

  • Performing the major Cross-Match (Dry Lab) Learn to perform this quickly and effectively in your clinic, with a kit.

  • Using central Intravenous Lines in general practice. Did you know you can draw blood samples out of your patients multiple times daily with no patient restraint?

How do Attendees rate Dr. Blount's Seminars...

After each of Dr. Blount's Seminars, attendees are asked to anonymously complete a survey by answering questions with scores from 0 to 10. Below are some of the questions and the current score average:

  • How "practical" was the seminar information you learned? 9.7
  • Was the seminar knowledge a good value for your attendance fee? 9.6
  • Was the information conveyed in a easy-to-understand manner? 9.6
  • Would you recommend this seminar to your colleagues? 9.8

Comments from attendees of this seminar:

  • "I attended the Practical Endocrinology seminar 2 years ago, and that one was so helpful, I came back for this one. These seminars have changed the way I practice. I never diagnosed a case of Addison's disease prior to Practical Endocrinology, and since then, I have diagnosed several, and they are doing well now. Prior to the Practical Endocrinology seminar, I was frustrated with managing dogs with Cushing's Syndrome, and it generally did not go well. In the past 2 years, my Cushings patients are doing so much better, on average. I look forward to putting the information from Practical Hematology to work in the future in the same way."

  • "Great seminar!"

  • "Loved it!"

  • "Good talk. Thanks for info!"

Questions???  Contact Russ  -  phone: (936) 564-7792

Seminar Approved by ETVMA
James M. Morton, DVM - President
17 CE Hour Units

Approved for Veterinary Continuing Education in Texas
(Note: Other states may be added on request with sufficient notice)

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