7:30am-8:00am: "REGISTRATION"
plus "Continental Breakfast"
provided by Henry Schein

8:00am-12:00pm: "AM Session"


Lunch Provided

12:30-5:00pm: "PM Session"
Liver Aspiration Dry Lab
Working Up Elevated Liver Enzymes
Treating Liver Failure


7:30am-8:00am: "REGISTRATION"
plus "Continental Breakfast"
provided by Henry Schein

8:00am-12:00pm: "AM Session"

Small Intestinal Diarrhea
Large Intestinal Diarrhea
The Acute Abdomen

Lunch Provided

12:30-5:00pm: "PM Session"
Feeding Tube Dry Lab
Placing Feeding Tubes
Managing Feeding Tubes
Diagnostic Abdominal Surgery

Sponsored by ETVMA
17 Continuing Education
Hour Units

Approved for Veterinary Continuing
Education in Texas and Louisiana
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on request with sufficient notice)

Marriott Courtyard
2130 South 1st St.
(Hwy. 59 S. to Houston, TX)
Lufkin, TX 75901
(936) 632-0777

(Special Hotel Rates
for Seminar Attendees
are available at
the Marriott Courtyard.
Details will be provided in
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As small animal veterinarians, we see patients with gastrointestinal symptoms every day. At first presentation, the possibilities seem endless. It's vital for us to have a practical working knowledge of when patients are showing GI side effects of systemic disease, when they have primary GI disease, how to go about getting to the bottom of the problem, and what to do about it.

Come Join Us! You'll learn "practical" knowledge you can put to use in your clinic the following Monday concerning the diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats with diseases involving the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas.

We will cover the following important Subjects:

  • working up and treating vomiting and regurgitation, in a step-wise fashion
  • working up and treating diarrhea, in a step wise fashion
  • working up and treating elevated liver enzymes, in a step wise fashion
  • dealing with the many faces of pancreatitis
  • what to do with the yellow dog or cat
  • placing and managing feeding tubes in every day practice where there is no endoscope
  • managing the acute abdomen -- to cut or not to cut?
  • dry lab using animal models to place feeding tubes and do liver aspiration cytologies

Your registration fee includes: a Proceedings including copies of all PowerPoint slides and client handouts. There is also access to download of the proceedings in .pdf format.

Keynote Speaker: Wendy Blount, DVM

Dr. Wendy Blount is a companion animal veterinarian treating dogs and cats only. She is Texas A&M Residency trained in Small Animal Internal Medicine. Dr. Blount conducts Continuing Education Seminars for small animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians as well as animal control officers. She also teaches an undergraduate college course on "Medicine and Behavior in the Animal Sheltering Environment" for Duquesne University, and serves as Medical Director for O'Malley PET. Dr. Blount has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including the 2012 TVMA Companion Animal Practitioner of the Year, the 2011 Bilderback Award for support of the animal sheltering community and the 2004 TAVP Clinical Referral and Consultation Award.

Comments from the Evaluation for this seminar:

  • "You are in for a wonderful treasure trove of knowledge. Dr. Blount's lectures are just great. I attended Gastroenterology last year and still find great things in her notes she sends home." Donna Medford, DVM - LaPorte, TX

  • The best CE I have ever attended. Thank you for making it practical! Too often only half the CE at a class is practical. Great! Thank you!

  • Great practical information done in a clear, concise presentation!

  • You're a great teacher! The ultrasound pictures are so very helpful. Dr. Wendy makes learning fun! Love your humility and kindness.

  • Dry labs are fantastic!

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