7:30-8am: Registration and
Continental Breakfast

8am-12pm: AM Session
History of the Collapsing Patient
The Cardiology Exam
Demystifying the ECG
Thoracic Radiographs
Cardio Labwork

Lunch Provided

12:30-5pm: PM Session
Echocardiogram Basics
Cardiology Cases:
Congenital defects


7:30-8am: Continental Breakfast

8am-12pm: AM Session
Cardiology Cases:
Infectious Diseases
Degenerative Valve Disease
Pericardial Disease

Lunch Provided

12:30-5pm: PM Session
Cardiology Cases:
Update on CPR
Managing CHF

When it comes to challenges with the heart, as veterinarians we often wish we had more to offer our patients. This is especially true when their owners are not able to take advantage of available referral services.

Join us in the Piney Woods of East Texas for a weekend of "Practical Cardiology." You'll gather information you can put to use immediately in your clinic.

We'll cover topics in cardiology most commonly seen in small animal practice, focusing on diagnosis and treatment in the trenches. For example, you'll learn about:

  • Is the cough cardiac, respiratory or both?
  • When does your patient need pimobendan and when is it not appropriate?
  • What do the squiggly lines on the ECG really mean?
  • What are the new CPR Guidelines recommended by the 2012 RECOVER Advisory Board?
  • How do you keep staff trained and ready for CPR to maximize patient survival?
  • How do you tell the difference between an ejection murmur and a holosystolic murmur (we will review audio of murmurs and arrythmias)?

Your registration fee includes a proceedings including copies of all PowerPoint slides, client handouts, in clinic forms (cardiac history and exam, ECG and echocardiogram interpretation), and handy reference charts for emergency drugs, treating arrhythmias, reading radiographs and EKGs, interpreting fluid analysis, etc. There is also access to download of the proceedings in .pdf format.

Dr. Wendy Blount

As a companion animal veterinarian based in Nacogdoches, Texas, Dr. Wendy Blount treats dogs and cats only. She is Residency trained in Small Animal Internal Medicine. Dr. Blount conducts Continuing Education Seminars for small animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians and animal control officers. As well, Dr. Blount is on faculty at Duquesne University, and serves as Medical Director for O'Malley PET (Preventing Euthanasia Together).

Dr. Blount has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including 2012 TVMA Companion Animal Practitioner of the Year, the 2011 Bilderback Award for support of the animal sheltering community and the 2004 TAVP Clinical Referral and Consultation Award.

The are following comments from participants of this Seminar:

  • Dr. Blount's seminar was wonderfully put together and the information was very practical and a great course for me. I hope you do more Seminars in the future as they are valuable resources for veterinarians.
          Bradley Clary, DVM - Lufkin, TX

  • I really enjoyed Dr Blount's seminar this weekend. It contained so much practical information that I can go back to the clinic and use immediately. Have already scheduled a CPR training for the entire staff!
          Sharon Phillips, DVM - Tyler, TX

  • I always bring back very relavent and practical information from Wendy's seminars. Appreciate your efforts.
          Ann Buchanan, DVM - Tyler, TX

  • Loved it! Wendy is my favorite speaker!

  • Two days are good, as it's hard to get away for 3 days for CE.

  • Wendy, you are an amazing resource of practical knowledge, and you do an excellent job of delivering it. Also, thank you for going the extra mile and supplying the written references and charts.

  • Good, enjoyable seminar. Speaker is very friendly, is enthusiastic and answered questions. No arrogance.

  • Down to earth - most seminars give info that is hard to apply in general practice, but she gave very practical info that I can use.

  • Questions??? Call Russ at the von Allmen Agency at (936) 564-7792, or e-mail

Sponsored by East Texas VMA - 17 Continuing Education Hour Units

$300 Early Bird Registration ($150 per day) - $350 Standard Registration ($175 per day) - $400 On-site Registration ($200 per day)

Location: The New Marriott Courtyard, 2130 South First St., Lufkin, TX - ask for Special Room Rates for Practical Cardiology