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Dr. Blount treats dogs and cats only, and is Residency
trained  in Small  Animal Internal  Medicine.  She sees
appointments  at  Southwood Drive  Animal  Clinic  two
days  each  week,  and  at  Ward  Animal  Hospital  on
Wednesdays. Dr. Blount provides Continuing Education
Seminars  to veterinarians,  veterinary technicians  and
animal  control  officers.  She  has  recently  served  as
Medical Director  &  Surgeon  for  SpayNeuterNac  and
O'Malley PET  low cost  spay-neuter  clinics.  As  well,
she  taught  a  college level  course  on  "Medicine and
Behavior  in  the  Animal  Sheltering  Environment"   for
     Duquesne University, for 7 years.                                               

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              Practical Gastroenterology Feb 6-7 Lufkin TX
            Practical Endocrinology Apr 30 - May 1 Tyler TX
                Practical Cardiology Aug 13-14 Lufkin TX
      Practical Ultrasound Jun 25-26 - Oct 15-16 Lufkin TX

            2017 Seminar Schedule Coming Soon

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